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NET Scotland

Peer to peer youth ministry that puts into action the Catholic Church's mission to evangelise young people

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What Others Are Saying


“The [missionaries] offered their friendship and joined our family like they had always been there... We did not have to hide and be on our best behaviour or censor what we were saying; we got to share our thoughts and stories and got the same in return.”


The NET retreat helped me get to know God more. During the prayer time, two of the NET team members prayed for my dad and my relationship to get better, and the same night we had our first conversation in two months. I want to thank the team for giving me this amazing experience.



“What young people have come to look for and expect today are authenticity of presenters and high standards of presentation. These are values NET understands and enshrines and I commend them.”

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We are looking for  500 people  to donate  

£5  a month for a year to support our mission.

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OUR VISION: Challenging young people to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church

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