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Stranger to Friend

“Isn’t it hard or weird to move to a new house with a new family every week?”

Our response: “It’s hard to say goodbye.”

Being missionaries and travelling around Scotland gives us the opportunity to meet so many different people, but it also gives us the opportunity to love so many different people. We not only go into schools and build relationships with the youth, we also get to build relationships with their families. So many people take us in not knowing anything about us. They have so much faith! Often times we ourselves don’t know where we will go next, but it gives us an opportunity to trust that the Lord will provide a place for us. Each time we move, the Lord keeps His promise and we can see how He is working. Each family welcomes us with open arms. We easily feel loved and quickly feel part of their family. All the generosity we receive is amazing and it makes it difficult to leave.

Each day is different on NET, but always includes prayer, fellowship, service and often. And a chance to receive the Sacraments. These four things are the tools which we encourage each young person we meet to partake in. We pray personally and as a team. We find that when we come together through prayer, our bond is so much stronger. And when our bond is strong, fellowship is joyful and live-giving. When we work together, we strive to serve each other and those with whom we come in contact. Whether we are on a retreat, working with a local parish in youth ministry, talking with our host families, or reaching out to the homeless, our strength and love comes from constantly going back to those four tools. It isn’t only about this mission year, but for the rest of our lives as well. Being a missionary isn’t a year long title, it’s living a life for Christ in whatever way He calls us. We aim to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church each and everyday!