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From the Lakes of Minnesota to the Lochs of Scotland...

Two flights. 3,710 miles from the NET USA centre. 12 Americans. Just over a month of being here. How has it been? Amazing. Absolutely incredible.

After we first arrived in Scotland from West Saint Paul, Minnesota and slept through most of that day, we were excited and ready to go get started on this mission. The five men and five women on our team, and our two wonderful supervisors have made the last six weeks so memorable. Who knew twelve strangers would have such an impact on each other’s life and on those who we’ve met! Before getting started with ministry, we spent a few days in the Highlands taking in the beauty of Scotland, bonding as a team, and climbing a mountain. We’ve been gladly trying new foods such as haggis and black pudding, learning new phrases, and adapting to the weather and driving on the left side of the road.

Once we got back, the real work began. Life on the road is so different than what most people are used to. We travel to different schools and parishes to put on retreats and we have loved meeting so many different people. Because we travel, every few days or weeks a new humble and loving family takes a few of us in and we have been so blessed to meet so many families! Although our primary ministry is high school students, we love meeting and getting to know those who care for us.

Since of the beginning of October, we’ve had nineteen retreats around Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell, and Paisley. The schools and parishes have been so welcoming and open to us. We start out with just talking to the young people and playing games; we then go deeper by sharing a bit of our life stories and giving talk on the theme of the retreat. After lunch, we have a time dedicated to prayer where the youth pray with music and see a drama. We invite them to pray and have the privilege of praying alongside them. Many high schoolers express that they are unsure of their relationship with Jesus but take the opportunity to pray and ask us for prayers. We have been received so well by these communities and many really seem to want to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. At the end of one of our retreats, one youth said, “[The retreat] showed me that I needed Jesus in my life and that I wasn’t full without him.” At a different retreat, another youth said, “They helped me realise how important God is to me, and how to let God into my life.”

We may not be famous, but we know that a difference has been made in their lives through prayer. We can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to work in and through the youth, our team, those we meet, and the beautiful country of Scotland this year.

God bless,

NET Scotland 17-18