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A missionary year in Scotland

Ministry: Another year, another round of missionaries, another 6000 young people.

Since NET Scotland began in 2013 we have reached out to over 15,000 youth! This year alone we reached out to 6000 people. Our Road team facilitates retreats in high schools in Glasgow and all across Scotland reaching out to new young people with the message of Jesus every day.

What do young people say?

We receive feedback forms from the students after our retreats. Here is what some typical answers we receive:

Question: Are there things about your life that you will change after this retreat?


  • “I will pray more and appreciate every day and every experience.”

  • “I will take time to say my prayers and go to church more to get closer to God and gain and accept his love”

  • “I will start going back to Mass”

Question: Are there things about your life that you will change after this Retreat Day?


  • “That Jesus will always be with us no matter what”

  • “That God always forgives you and is always there even when you don’t realise”

Volunteer Scotland and Travel Scotland

Our volunteers join us from August to May in the year. During this time, we train them in ministry skills and help them to grow in their faith. After a time of training in St Paul, Minnesota , they then are sent forth in teams to serve across Scotland. During their year of service, they will different parts of Scotland and sometimes teams will travel to England & Wales as well.

Grow in your faith

NET volunteers receive Catholic formation and teachings from professional Catholic youth ministry trainers with 34 years of experience under their belt.

We believe that as much as NET ministers to students in high schools and parishes they we also invest and minister to our volunteers in a deeper way.

Each volunteer commits to 45minutes of personal prayer a day and 45 minutes of prayer together with their team a day. They will receive regular confession and attend Mass frequently.

Often our missionaries will say that during the year they will see so many student’s lives changed and be brought closer to Jesus. However, they also would say that more than anything else, they know that they have changed and have been brought closer to Jesus through their year of ministry.

Be the best version of yourself

A year with Net Scotland is a year of adventure, ministry and excitement. You will be on the frontlines of youth ministry, serving with other young people your age. It is an experience and year like none other.

If you want to know more about NET then see our brochure